-=FriendsArena Rules and Regulations=-

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-=FriendsArena Rules and Regulations=-

Post by Dark Soul on Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:35 am

Here are some rules and regulations that user must follow while posting:-
1.No one will post in Announcements Forum except the SuperMods.
2.Post every message related to the forum, try not to post off-topic
3.No warez,illegal,obscene/adult/sexual/porn content should be posted.If posted, definitely a warning or a ban(temporary or permanent.Depends on the circumstances)
4.Spamming and flooding will result as a warning
5.No web and business advertisements is to be posted
6.Users contaning web addresses in their usernames,avatars and sigs will be immidiately banned
7.No one will insult,degrade and fight with the member
8.No one will use bad words/abuses.We still has our censors on, for the bad words.Do or go
9.We will choose members for our staff by seeing their behaviour with their fellow members and no time will be mentioned in any post, we will select members anytime
10.As we have warning bars now, after 3 warnings we will ban a member
12.You can however use SMS language(sk8 for skating, u for you,lv for love), but its not adviced
13.No other language will be used except English, no matter how are your english skills, but you
have to use it.
14.For common problems, use our F.A.Q tool.For technical problems, let us know.
15.No triple posting within 24 hours that includes expressions or depressions.You can though post information,videos, or can share anything.
No rule is cheated and nor to be cheated by anyone.If we catch someone using our rules, it may result in a serious report.

Thanks for reading,
Dark Soul

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