All new Board Arrangements + New Icons + More

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All new Board Arrangements + New Icons + More

Post by Dark Soul on Tue Jun 09, 2009 3:39 am

All new boards settlements and arrangements
You might have noticed that our central board is having some name changes and have shifted to another category.There is now one more category for the miscellaneous stuff.I hope you like the style and the organized way!

New Board Icons
You might as well have noticed that we are now having different,decent and perfect icons for our board!

New Theme and Images
Finally, we decided to change our theme to something dark.The idea was firstly proposed by Neurosonic and Tech-me.This theme will stay on for a long time.

Portal Removal
We have now removed our portal.You will directly be directed to the Index; where there are boards.

We need Much more activity!
We have a bunch of topics but we unfortunately dont have much members to post with and have fun with.Please, I request you to stay active and call other members from other sites.You can advertise us too.It really means.I hope you understand.

The Administration

There will be some inactivity in the forum.Exams ahead!
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