Brand New set-ups and updates

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Brand New set-ups and updates

Post by Dark Soul on Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:09 am

Here are some quick updates done on FriendsArena right now!

Forum now for everyone!

-Forum is now accessible to everyone.Though no new member can register now! The Members registered are lucky! They can only post anything!

Advanced Profile
We have again settled up the advance profile option.The bugs are also fixed, as soon as activated!
This includes, Visitor Messages, Friends and more to see inside!

Section Update
-Announcements section is moved to the top.And Forum Games is the most active forum yet!

Expired contents removal
-Unwanted, old topics are also trashed.You can also have a look in "Recyclable Threads" as its now visible to everyone.

Wanting Games Submissions for arcade

-Please help us in creating Arcade.Your submission of games will be highly appreciated.You can submit that in "General Discussions" section.

New Fields
-New 2 Personalized Profile Fields!

  • Moods

  • Martial Status

You might understand what are those, the name is clearly stating the meanings.You can change them from your Profile Settings.

Extra Security!
-Full-Flash security! We have kept the security level at the top! No hack, no heck!

User and Group Implementations
-There are also some user changes:

  • New Group Colors!
  • New Rank colors!
  • "Intrinsic_gist" has changed her name to "neurosonic".
  • Admins are again, "Dark Soul" and "neurosonic".
  • Moderators are "Virus","Xclipse" and "Mystical Bubble"
  • Super Moderator is still "tornado115".

Inturn of these informations, we want you to increase the site activity!

The Administration.

There will be some inactivity in the forum.Exams ahead!
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