Your Questions About FriendsArena

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Your Questions About FriendsArena

Post by Dark Soul on Fri May 22, 2009 10:54 pm

You can ask anything about FriendsArena here.As soon as we read your question.We will add it to this post

Basic Questions:
Who created this web and who is it’s owner?
The founder; intrinsic_gist created this forum and so do owns it.
Can I get this forums administration for something?
When is this web created?
This web was created on 15-March-2009.
How many and who are in the admins group?
2,Dark Soul and intrinsic_gist.
Who codes the web?
Basically, our service provider has done 50% for us.And rest of it is done by us.
Who creates and modifies all the forums?
Dark Soul; co-admin
Are all the stuff created by the administration?
-The website is whole designed by PHPBB.
-The forum and its secondary stuffs(other than coding etc.) is created by the staff and the group.
Who made the rules and why?
Dark Soul.He made it so the people have some manners and dont post anything rubbish and ofcourse every site has some particular rules and regulations.
Are all the optimization and features update brought by FA Administration?
No.Our forum provider does it all.But we have to enable and inform it to you.
Can I feedback to FA?
Sure.We have an individual forum for that.You can aswell as email or send us a private message.
Can I appoint for staff?
Anytime.But we will see your experience or work.
Are contests made by the administration?
How do you choose the staff?
By the work and experience.

There will be some inactivity in the forum.Exams ahead!
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