PDA Battery Charger!!!

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PDA Battery Charger!!!

Post by νιяυѕ on Sun May 10, 2009 7:19 pm

We are on the edge of a drastic change in energy providing. This revolutionary peace of software brings wireless technology to a new - unexplored - level. It simply uses airborne electromagnetic waves to produce energy, just like radio or microwaves, and transforms them to electric power. The induced power can be used to run your device and/or - if the signal strength is strong enough - even charge your batteries!
This software uses techniques already used in watches and medical instruments - the main reason why you may NOT use your phone in hospitals - but the power-by-waves technology has always been kept in obscure secrecy and possibilities denied by the developers. We are on the edge of a revolutionary change in energy providing. Today you can have a taste!

Smartphone.com VIP section's most promising software for 2009 award.

Ever wondered why laws are voted in different countries for lowering signal strength from wireless internet signals and GSM operators? Always believed that was for the good sake of health? Forget it! Electricity providing companies and petrol business is not at all pleased with this "power-by-wave" treats! No comment... 

Update information:
v0.55 beta
- Smartphone compatible
- increased effect with wired earphone plugged in
V0.5 beta
- device may be "off" now, will still charge
- now also works on WM2003
v0.4 beta
- no need any more to be connected; presence of WiFi signal is enough
- can work in background now
v0.1 beta
- released for beta-testers

Coming: shortwave (radio) signal conversion.

This is a private A.T. beta-testers release. Please don't leak to other forums.

Next generation battery charger of PDA using WiFi signals.

Excellent technology for the future.

Working slowly in my pda. Takes about 7 hours to complete charge.

Try it out. might work faster for you...

D/L link:


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Re: PDA Battery Charger!!!

Post by tornado115 on Mon May 11, 2009 9:07 pm

thnx for sharing...
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Re: PDA Battery Charger!!!

Post by Dark Soul on Mon May 11, 2009 10:14 pm

Thanks for the share..
Simply Awesome dude..Smile

There will be some inactivity in the forum.Exams ahead!
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Re: PDA Battery Charger!!!

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